How do you set a Waltham 31-day chime?


It is easy to set the weights on a Waltham 31 day chime wall clock. First, open the acess door. Make sure that you wind the clock springs each day with the key. Then, let the pendulum swing in motion.
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I have a Walthram 31 day chime clock and on of the weights fell to the bottom of the clock. How do I fix it and why did it fall?
Things You'll Need. Winding key. Toothpick. Quarter-hour Clocks. Open the dial access door of the 31-day chime clock. Wind each of the clock springs fully with the clock key. The
I know of no current mechanical movement that is designed to replace the 31 day movements. Doing so with avaiable movements involves considerable alteration such as drilling new holes
31-day chime clocks are primarily wall-mounted timepieces with spring-driven mechanisms. Some 31-day clocks are designed to chime once on the half-hour and then count the hours when
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