What does "waning gibbous" mean?


Waning gibbous is used in reference to the moon when it is past being full and illuminated from the left. It occurs for nearly a week during the full and third quarter moon phases. A waning gibbous moon is generally seen shortly after sunset.
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It is a stage of the moon...the waning part means its getting smaller (waxing is getting bigger) and the gibbous part means its a little past half full.......so almost half of the
Waning gibbous Moon Left 51-99% visible Right 51-99% visible I was unable to
After the full Moon, the light continually decreases. This is the waning gibbous phase. Please check out the link below for an excellent diagram & description of the various Moon
GIBBOUS means that the amount of lunar disc that is illuminated by the sun is more than 50%. This can occur when the moon is going from new to full (WAXING) or from full back to new
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