Was Aneta Corsaut a lesbian?


Aneta Corsaut was best known for her role on The Andy Griffith show. It is said that she was a lesbian. She could not come out of the closet because the show she appeared on was considered a show for the family.
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Aneta Corsaut was a beautiful woman who never married, period. That this fact should solicit the spontaneous conclusion that she was gay, with no substantial evidence, is absurd.
3 November 1933 , Hutchinson, Kansas, USA
Kansas. The State of Kansas, the Midwestern state in the central region of the United States of America, an area often referred to as the American "Heartland" or "America's
Aneta Corsaut died in Studio City, California on November 6th 1995 from cancer. She was 62 years and 3 days old when she died.
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