Was Ciara Born a Boy?


Ciara was not born a boy. The singer / songwriter was born on October 25, 1985 as a happy and healthy girl.
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Ciara is female.
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Ciara was born in Austin, Texas on October 25, 1985. She is an only child.Ciara is a recording artist, producer, dancer, model and actress.
Austin, Texas.
this is a common rumour started by some jealous person at the top which filters down to the public, it's been said about a few female stars, Jamie Lee Curtis, the red head from P!
Ciara (real name: Ciara Harris) was born in Austin, Texas on October 25, 1985 and she's an only
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Ciara Princess Harris, also nick named The First Lady of Crunk, or the Prince was born in Austin, Texas, USA, on 25th October, 1985. She is actually the solitary ...
Ciara Princess Harris, commonly known by her stage name Ciara, is an American dancer, singer-songwriter, fashion model and actress. She was born in Austin, Texas ...
Ciara is African-American, but she was born in Texas and grew up an army brat, traveling with her father to army bases in such locations as Germany, New York, ...
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