How Jesus call God in the new testament?


My Father.
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God, the Abrahamic god, is the god or deity that Christians, as well as Jews and Muslims, believe created the world and stands in judgement over us. Jesus Christ is believed by Christians
New Testament writers believed Jesus
1 Consider this one who "is like a son of man" and is worshiped in every nation. Ad 2 Investigate this one "like a son of man" who is so worthy. .. 3 Realize that
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According to the Bible, Jesus is Lord, redeemer, he is advocate with the Father. He ransomed us with His blood. He was known as Jehovah by the Old Testament prophets ...
God's promise to Abraham was that Abraham and his offspring would inherit the land of his journey and the land of Canaan for all eternity. God basically promises ...
Jesus taught people to love each other and trust God. He believed that the Old Testament was the word of God and told everyone that he had come to fulfil the word ...
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