Was John Wayne gay?


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John Wayne is straight.
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Step. 1. 1. RED RIVER (1948) As Tom Dunson, John Wayne is reserved and inflexible as both the leader of a risky cattle drive and as a father figure to the young Matthew Garth, played
He was born on May 26, 1907 and died June 11 1979. He was married 3
I would say True Grit. Depending on how old they are, I may say The Searchers as well. The War Wagon is also a very entertaining one for kids.
John Wayne had seven children with two of his three wives. with Pilar: Aissa Wayne, Ethan Wayne and Marisa Wayne. with Josephine: Michael Wayne, Patrick Wayne, Toni Wayne and Melinda
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Although John Wayne was a staunch conservative and spoke out against homosexuality in published interviews, he signed on to co-star with Rock Hudson in "The Undefeated" despite knowing that Hudson was gay. Wayne and Hudson worked very well together and became close friends.

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