Was Tupac a Blood or a Crip?


Rapper Tupac Shakur was neither a Blood or a Crip. The perception that Tupac was a gang member stems from the nature of some of his recordings, his connections within the music industry and a short stint in prison for sexual assault.

Although not an actual member of the gang, Tupac is said to have developed and maintained close ties with the Bloods. In the aftermath of his own murder and because of that association-short-of-membership, the Bloods initiated a gang war with the Crips. Bloods close to the rapper believed the Crips were somehow involved in the brutal murder of Tupac.

Q&A Related to "Was Tupac a Blood or a Crip?"
Tupac wasn't a gang member.HE was supposedly killed by one.Text
The Crips used to out-number the Bloods in large numbers. But nowdays it depends on where ur at, in certain areas Bloods out-number the Crips, and in other areas the Crips out-number
Neither. He's a middle class kid who wanted to be a gangsta, hooked up with shug knight, and led a debauched lifestyle until he was shot.
The Mafia is a far more sophisticated organization than either the Bloods or the Crips, both of which are essentially loose knit collections of small street gangs. The Mafia has a
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