How do you wash clothes without shrinking them?


The first step to ensuring proper clothing maintenance is to read the care label. Clothes that are meant to be dry cleaned or hand washed should never go in a traditional washing machine. In order to prevent shrinking, clothes should be washed on the cold cycle. Not only will this help prevent any shrinkage, it will also save energy.
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Wash your clothes like normal, but don't put them in the dryer. After you wash them, hang them up or lay them out to dry.
1. Turn the dress pants inside out. 2. Fill a washing machine with cold water and a capful of mild detergent for delicate fabrics. Turn the machine setting to delicate if possible
Wash in cold water on delicate cycle in the wash machine, to dry set dryer on fluff/delicate. The best way is to wash by hand in cold water and hang outside 'not in direct sunlight.
The best way to wash and dry clothes is to follow the
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