Washing Hair after Coloring?


There are many different shampoos and conditioners designed exclusively for colored hair. When you begin washing your hair after coloring, it is highly recommended that you choose from these products to avoid quick fading and dull hair color. Wash as infrequently as possible and don't lather up more than once per wash.
Q&A Related to "Washing Hair after Coloring?"
Many people dive right into coloring their hair without taking the necessary time to prepare, especially if it's not permanent. If you are getting a flash or wash done by professionals
You should wait AT LEAST 24 hours. But waiting 48 is better. Your color needs time to absorb into your hair.
1 Wait at least 3 days to wash newly permed hair, or your perm would not last as long. Ad 2 Use hair care products that are safe for permed hair . 3 Wash your hair gently (don't scrub
Do nothing at all. The natural tearing of your eyes will help wash the soap out.
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