How is centripetal force involved in the operation of a washing machine?


Centripetal force operates in a dryer and not a washing machine. Centripetal force pushes the clothes inward around a circle as they want to go outward. Inertia plays a role in the process. They would keep going outward if the rotor wasn't pushing them inward.
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The agitator post in the middle od most machines provides the centeipetal force, which radiates outwards and turns the clothes over and around.
The washing machine has holes in the sides of its inner canister. The high pressure from the centripetal acceleration causes the fabric to compress against the canister's side, squeezing
The best example of this is the spin cycle. When the machine is in spin cycle the chamber rotates very fast around its center axis. All of the clothes are "pushed" to the
1. Push "Control Lock" for 5 seconds or until the lock image disappears from the front of the washer's control panel to disable the washer's lock. 2. Push "Spin Speed
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