How to Fix Error Code SL for Whirlpool Calypso Washing Machines?


Push the 'Stop/Cancel' button and free it when the display clears and the Calypso washer stops, Impulse the 'Extend Spin' button on the 'Options' portion of the control console. Press the 'Start' button, allows the washer to complete the wash cycle. Once the sequence completes, take the clothes out of the washer, set the washer to a normal wash phase with cold water only, and do not add any soap or clothes to the washer, press the 'Start' button and allow the washer to complete the wash rotation. This helps clean out any extra detergent still in the washer.
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1. Press the “Stop/Cancel” button and release it when the display clears and the Calypso washer stops. The “Stop/Cancel” button is to the left of the “
Error code e 10 means no cold fill. Ensure that the water getting to the machine from the water supplies at the back. Check that the hoses are not bent or kinked and that the water
1. Switch off the power using the 'MAINS ON/OFF' button. Ad. 2. Press and hold the 'Temperature' button. 3. Carry out the next three steps within 3 seconds. 4. Switch on the power
e17 error code.
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