How much did a washing machine cost in the 1920s?


A washing machine in the 1920's would typically cost around $30. Back in the 1920's, electric washers were extremely rare. Manual washing machines were often used.
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In the 1920s a good washing machine cost up to $17.00.
History. The invention of the scrub board in 1797 freed people from scrubbing their clothes on a rock or merely swishing their clothes around in water. In 1851, hand-powered washing
1. Moisten paper towels with all-purpose cleaner. Wipe down the entire exterior of the washer as well as the lid and the underside of the lid. Wipe under the lip of the washing machine
1. Inspect the washing machine drain hose. Verify that the hose is positioned at the top of the tub or slightly above it. Straighten any kinks in the hose. 2. Unplug the washer. Turn
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