How do I know if my washing machine is off balance?


When a washing machine is off balance it means that it cannot perform its function. It makes a lot of noises because of excessive vibrations. If this problem persists, contact your manufacture for further inquiry.
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1. Look for uneven distribution in the washing machine basket. When you launder heavy items, such as towels or jeans, the items must be placed evenly in the basket to distribute the
Get a bubble gauge. Check the floor itself first. Look for the most horizontal surface. That's where you want it. Place the washer and then place the gauge on top of the machine.
First check the feet to ensure that it is level. If it is level and still having this problem, it may be the springs that hold the inner tub in place that need replaced or repaired.
The answer is probably very simple. When it is not being operated, see if you can rock it from corner to corner. If so, it means the legs are not adjusted properly. Get down on the
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How to Repair an Off-Balance Washing Machine
An off-balance washing machine can cause several problems. A lack of balance can keep a washing machine form agitating, or cause it to spin out of control, or make banging noises. Fortunately, you can fix this problem yourself instead of waiting for an... More »
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