How to Repair a Leaking Washing Machine Shut-off Valve?


To repair a leaking washing machine shut-off valve you will need to replace the shut-off valve. There are two screws that need to be removed from the top of the valve in order to replace the valve. An o-ring needs to be used to make the seal tight.
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1. Place an adjustable wrench around the body of the shut-off valve. Then place a second wrench around the compression nut. This is found on the bottom of the valve, surrounding the
Backflow from the sewer or drain pipes.
1 Obtain a replacement valve. The valve you purchase should be an exact match to the old valve in terms of size, thread and type. Remember, compression fittings and iron pipe fittings
There is an epoxy putty that's used for water leaks. Try your hardware store or Home Depot and tell them what you want it for so that they can give you the right product. It's about
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How to Replace a Washing Machine Shut-Off Valve
The shut-off valve located behind your washing machine allows you to turn the machine's water supply off and on. This is handy when you want to work on the washer or replace it without disrupting water usage in the whole house. Replacing a washing... More »
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