Where can I find the wiring diagram for my washing machine?


Washing machine wiring diagrams will differ with each manufacturer of the machine. Your washing machine should have come with an owners manual, which generally has the wiring diagram in the back of it. If you cannot locate the diagram, check with your local appliance dealer, as they may have the one you are looking for. You can also try contacting the manufacturer of the machine to get the wiring diagram. To get the correct diagram, you will need to model number off the machine.
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the metal casing around it :
Mine came fully wired when I bought it. All I did was plug it in.
If you get them the wrong way around then the fuse or breaker may operate but do not touch the metal parts on the machine when you first switch on. If the fuse does not operate then
one of the wires will be the neutral and will have 3 ends to it (spades) all linked together (follow me)each one of the ends will go to one of the spades on each one of the solenoids
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