Washing Micro Braids?


Washing micro braids should be done very carefully yo avoid loosening the braids. Start by sectioning the hair and applying a small amount of shampoo to the scalp. Gently rub the shampoo only on the scalp using your fingertips. Rinse with a slow stream of warn water. Wrap head in a scarf before using a hooded dryer to dry the hair.
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1. Wash your braids no more than once a week. This will help avoid any strand slippage and make your braids last longer. Refrain from washing your braids for four to five weeks after
To seal micro braids you can use nail glue. You will need to be very careful when doing it this way. When it is time to remove the hair the persons hair may be glued and will be cut
Wash your braids no more than once a week. Secure each separated braid with a hair tie.
1. Determine if your hair is healthy enough for micro braiding. If hair already has damage, then you should concentrate on making it as healthy as possible first. Ad. 2. Get a hot
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How to Wash Micro Braids
Micro braids are most commonly worn by African American women to simulate the texture of free-flowing hair. The braids are so delicate and minuscule that they're barely visible. This versatile hairstyle can be styled in a variety of ways. This braiding... More »
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Washing your braids is an easy way to keep them looking good and smelling fresh! All you need to do is wet the hair and let the water run through. Use a small ...
You will need about 2-3 packs of braiding hair. You will need to use the weave hair and braid the weaving hair into the natural hair to make a very tiny braid. ...
In order to machine wash micro suede, you first must test to see if the detergent will fade the color. Next, you will need to wash it on the gentle cycle of the ...
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