How do you wash stuffed animals?


You can safely wash stuffed animals with mild soap and warm water. Place stuffed animal in washer with a cap full of mild soap. Put washer on gentle. All will be fine.
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1. Do a bit of damage control. Apply a tiny bit of laundry detergent to a wet scrub brush. Attempt to spot-clean the stuffed animal. 2. If the stuffed animal is still dirty, place
1. Use a spray bottle to lightly spray a small section of the stuffed animal with ammonia till the surface is slightly damp. Ad. 2. Rub the damp section with a white or light colored
No matter how cute and cuddly those stuffed animals at home are, they are still vulnerable to dirt. Worse, they can house bacteria and germs that can provide certain illnes
Build-A-Bear also makes a spray-on stuffed animal cleaner. Don't think it works as well as the washer machine but if you are afraid to put them in the machine you could try it.
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How to Wash a Stuffed Animal
Stuffed animals are often a child's first best friend. They are there through sick days, scary nights and everything in between. Unfortunately, these furry friends can pick up a lot of grime during their adventures with little ones. A simple wipe down... More »
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