How Much Is a 1 Cent Stamp with George Washington on It?


The one cent stamp with George Washington on it is worth between $10. and 50 cents. If it is in mint condition, it is worth 50 cents of more. If it is in mint condition, it is worth $5 plus.
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You would have to be more specific because there are many 1c Washington stamps. Look up the stamp you want to find out about in Scott's Postage Stamp Catalog (usually available at
Can you explain
This stamp was the one-cent value of the issue of 1954-1968 and was printed in enormous quantities. Because of the vast supply, it is not a valuable stamp. If it is unused, it is
Hello Sheri, Thanks for your question. That is a great looking stamp, isn't it? It shows a very young Washington. This stamp is Scott #706 and it was issued as part of a series on
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The 2-cent stamp, popularly known as the George Washington stamp was produced between 1894 and 1898. Stamps that were printed during this time are commonly referred ...
Scott US#3475A. It is can be used for 23 cents worth of postage. You can purchase a mint copy for 40 cents, a used copy will cost you 20 cents. ...
45 cents. ...
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