How to Repair a Cold Water Copper Line Leak under a Concrete Slab?


A water leak under the slab often requires an expert to repair. To fix the cold water copper line leak under a concrete slab, you will need to dig or break the line out of the slab. Then, repair the line and add new concrete.
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Water leaks under a slab are usually caused by a water line leak or a sewer line leak. You may have a leak for a long time, and not know it if the cause is a sewer line. If the leak is caused from a leak in the water line, your water bill will be high. If water is leaking long enough it can cause some major damage. The foundation of the home may move or shift, which is called heaving. Heaving is caused when the soil swells due to excessive water, and it lifts the building.
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1. Remove a section of the finished flooring over the suspected leak. This is an important part of the job. The less flooring you remove, the less you have to replace. This might
Acoustic ultrasound, trace gas detection and thermal imaging can all be used to find slab leaks. For larger leaks or thicker concrete, Ground penetrating radar, and electronic correlation
There is no "pour and fix" method on a water leak..under the slab you will have to get a concrete saw or jackhammer to get to the detect a slab leak, if you turn
Rachel, I would first disconnect the downspouts near the garage and run the water from any rainfall away from the garage. If this seems to help your draintile around the garage
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1. Determine the source of the leak. Finding the leak can be a problem if the damaged water line is located deep within the house structure. You may be able to ...
1. Examine the surface of the slab. Concrete is a porous material and any darkened spots that appear wet when there hasn't been any rain or snow (or if the slab ...
1. Locate the water meter on your home and insert a flat head screwdriver into the top of the cover. Pry up gently and remove the lid on the meter. Wipe off the ...
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