How to Crochet a Water Lily Flower?


To crochet a water lily flower you will need a pattern. The pattern should include how much yarn will be needed, and the size crochet needle that is required to complete this project. A free pattern may also give suggestions for the colors of yarn needed.
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1. Flowers can be crocheted using simple single, double and triple crochet stitches. Chain three with the yellow yarn, and join in a ring. Chain four, then single crochet in the second
White water lily is the national flower of Bangladesh. The family includes
a water lily is a white or pale yellow color
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Uses of Water Lily Flowers
Water lilies produce beautiful flowers and large lily pads. They grow in water and can decorate backyard freshwater ponds. They survive in a variety of temperatures, since more than one variety of the plant exists. And the plants provide not only... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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