How to Troubleshoot Water Well Problems with the Pressure Switch?


In order to troubleshoot water well problems with the pressure switch,you need to first determine what is wrong with the switch. It might be that the relays are not properly connected. You might also have a frayed wire.
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1. Check the automatic shut-off lever on the side of the pressure switch box has not kicked off. Sometimes when too much of a drain happens to the water delivery system, some switches
The pump and holding tank regulates the minimum and maximum pressure on the lines. See the pressure gauges. Usually, the pump will kick in at around 25 psi, and kick out at 55 psi
It sounds almost like the check valve won't hold the pressure back at 65 PSI and then closes at 50 PSI. How old is your home and what material are the water pipea? Copper? Plastic
The tank pressure has to be set before filling the system to a few pounds below the cut in pressure. Above this and the system will have a hard time becomming low enough to cut in
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