How to Troubleshoot a Water Well Pump?


To troubleshoot a water well Pump, observe the breaker that supplies power to your pump. Get off the cover on the water pressure switch. Examine the water pressure gauge in front of the pressure tank. Close and reopen the main supply valve attached to the bottom of the pressure tank. Open the tanks drain valve and observe the water flow.
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1. Review the power unit of your piston pump. Before you start, verify whether your pump is receiving efficient power from the power source. To do so, check the breaker box, or fuse
Possible Causes. Bacteria in the tank sediment fed from hydrogen gas created from decay of. sacrificial anode. Possible Repairs. Flush water heater. Using a hydrogen peroxide solution
Not all water comes from a water distributor through a system of pipes and filters. In some towns, water is supplied to a house by means of a water well. A water well is a structure
It sounds like you may have a leak. perhaps the foot valve in the well. I recommend calling a plumber.
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