Watering Plants with Soapy Water?


Watering plants with soapy water is better than not watering them at all. However, you should use caution, since some soaps could damage the plants. Carefully observe your plants after you water them with soapy water and don't do it too often.
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The soapy water you get from your sink or laundry, after doing a wash, is called gray water. Gray water can be used to water plants even though it contains soap. According to Umbra
Soapy water is not bad for your plants.
It really depends on the type of soap. Some soaps are poisonous and will kill the plants, others will not. If you use regular bar soap like you buy at the grocery store, chances are
1 Purchase soap powder. Check that it is pure and does not contain chemical additives. Ad 2 Mix the soap powder and water together. 3 Transfer the mixture to a spray bottle. 4 Use
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