Watts Per Square Foot?


There is no set rule. For an office building, consider lighting at six and one-half watts per square foot. Even this will depend on the type of lighting used.
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1. Measure the room's width and length. You can also use the floor plans to determine the room's size. 2. Convert the room length and width into feet if you're using a floor plan
There are different standards for this depending on the building use/type. Since it is a commercial office building, look alphabetically under office on the table I linked you to
That depends what you are talking about. However, it is exactly like it says. If, for instance, a solar cell supplied 10 watts per sq. ft., and was 100 sq. ft. in area, it could supply
1 Determine the square footage of each room to be heated or cooled. Most rooms are either rectangular or triangular in shape. Rooms that aren't either of these shapes can be broken
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How to Calculate Watts Per Square Foot
Watts is a unit of energy that measures power conversion. If you can calculate the "watts per square foot," it will permit you to estimate the average electric power usage for things such as lighting, air-conditioning and other electric equipment in a... More »
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