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You cannot convert watts to amps because watts are a unit of power and amps are units of coulombs per second. However, if you know at least two of the following pieces of information, amps, watts, and volts, the third piece of information can be calculated. This is because watts are amps multiplied by volts and there is a simple relationship between the three. There are many watts to amps calculators available on the Internet that will help you do the conversion quickly and easily.
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The formula for calculating watts is W = V x A, where V equals volts and A equals amps.
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1. Multiply the number of watts by the number of hours to calculate watt-hours. As an example, if you know your laptop computer uses 30 watts of power and you want a battery to power
There is one amp in twelve watts, when you have twelve volts of electricity. That equation is written as amps = watts/volts. This conversion is always figured at a fixed voltage.
Divide the watts by the voltage of the circuit.
1 Familiarize yourself with the quantities involved. To understand the relationship between watts and amps, you will need to understand 3 different units: watts, amps, and volts.
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To calculate watts, amps, and voltage, keep in mind that watts are the result of multiplying the amps and volts together. Using that formula, one can divide or ...
Watts to amps calculator is a portable device used to check on the electricity consumption. To calculate amps from watts you need to first get the voltage and ...
In order to calculate the number of amps from watts you also need to know the voltage. Divide the watts by the voltage to come up with the number of amps. ...
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