How to Harvest Waxworms?


To harvest waxworms you need to place the stuff they are growing in out on a plate. Next, dig through to find the waxworms. Once you find one, put it in an tub that is filled with wood shavings. You can then store them in the refrigerator for up to four months.
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1. Purchase your waxworms from a reputable mail-order bait supplier or an exotic pet store, according to "Raising Insects as Reptile Food" on Geocities. You can usually
1. Obtain enough Cheerios to fill your container 1 inch high. 2. Take the Cheerios and crush them to a powder. 3. Lay this in the bottom of your container. 4. Place Egg Carton pieces
a waxworm makes a cacoon and then turns into a moth.
A wax worm will change in to a wax moth. ChaCha for now!
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