How to Break Your Finger?


Move the fingers quickly and sharply try to extend beyond the bending of finger and hold the fingers for long. You can still hit your fingers with a wood or metal.
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You can break a bone in your finger by bending it the wrong way enough force. This can happen from fall or sports. Getting your finger caught in something can also cause a bone to
You should just do what I did! I put 6 pice cubes in a plastic bag and kept refilling it and putting it on my finger until it was numb. Then I bent it backwards slowly until I couldn't
It may happen during a fall or an accident. You may break it while playing
Many nail companies sell products that promise to strengthen nails and prevent splitting. In reality, formaldehyde is the only topical substance proven to harden nails. Though many
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There is not a way to break your finger with no pain. You will feel less pain if you use ice on the finger to numb it before breaking it. There is pain with any ...
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