Ways to Greet Customers?


The way you greet customers leaves a big impact, and may determine if they return or not. Some good ways to greet customers includes, using their name if you know it. Greeting a customer by name is something that the customer will remember and treasure. Also, be attentive, listen to what the customer has to say, and remember important factors. When greeting customers, always try to be as considerate as possible, this could simply include walking toward the door to greet the customer, or walking them out when they are ready to leave.
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Instructions. Psyche yourself into a positive frame of mind before you meet a customer. If you work in retail, do it on the way to work or when you first enter the building. If you
1 Put a bell on the door. That way, when the customer comes in you will be able to hear them no matter where you are in the store. Even if you are with another client it is important
so the customer will feel more welcome.
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How to Greet Customers
We hear over and over, in every context, that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Never is that saying so vital as when you are in sales. An entire business relationship is often based on that first contact or the greeting. Your... More »
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