What are some ways to lighten hair naturally?


There are many ways to lighten your hair naturally and they include lightening with lemon juice, cinnamon, chamomile tea and honey. To lighten hair naturally, mix olive oil, lemon juice and water in a bottle. Mist dampened hair in detail with the mixture and relax in a sunny location. Finally shampoo the lemon-oil blend from hair.n
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To lighten hair naturally you can use the juice from fresh lemon. Remove any seeds and pulp from the juice and use a paint brush to apply to your hair. It will help to go in the sun
Chamomile Chamomile is an herb that will help your hair shine. It has mild bleaching effect, so it is perfect for the job . Make a tea by steeping 2 Tablespoon of chamomile in 1/3
If you wash your hair with baking soda and vinegar in the warmer weather it makes every color hair lighter. Just dilute baking soda with water for shampoo. And dilute vinegar with
You can use lemon juice for lightening hair. Mix one fourth cup of water and
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How to Lighten Hair Naturally
You can lighten your hair naturally without going to a salon or using harsh chemicals. Natural lighteners used indoors will give you shine and subtle lightening, not drastic results. You can achieve a more drastic change to your hair by sitting out in... More »
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There are several ways to lighten hair color. For one, frequent exposure to sunlight naturally causes the hair to become lighter. A mixture of lemon juice and ...
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To lighten dyed hair, it depends on how light you wish to go. For natural looking highlights, spritz your hair with a mixture of lemon juice and water and lay ...
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