How to Make Your Period Come Faster?


Although it is possible for women to delay their periods upon medical advice, it is virtually impossible to make your period come faster. However, it has been said that women have found ways to make their period come faster such as heating hot foods and drinking tea. Medical professionals frown upon this sort of activity as it can cause health problems in later life.
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Usually just eating a balanced diet. So for example having lots of fruit and veg, but also having carbohydrates and protein. Not too much sugar or salt though.
A pack of oral contraceptives contains 28 pills, but only 21 are active's-a-way-to-mak...
unfortunately there is no way that you ca trick your body into getting your first period sooner than it's supposed to come. Your period will start when all of your reproductive organs
Acutely there is a way but it dosent work for everyone for me I am 12 and the way I made my come faster is that I set a haf tub of hot water and put a hole thing of sea and normal
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There really aren't any type of foods that you can eat to make your period come faster. There are foods to help with cramping and to possibly make your period ...
Your period will come down (menstruating) when it gets to the end of the cycle of 28 days or a few days later. This happens naturally when you are going through ...
There is no way to get rid of your period faster since it is a natural process for your body. Some things that can lessen the symptoms of your period are birth ...
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