Ways to Prevent Juvenile Delinquency?


Juvenile delinquency refers to youthful offences done by minors or those under the legal age of the bulk. This habit can be prevented by keeping children in school while exercising adequate supervision. Involving children in recreational activities such as sports or community development or service will also help in the prevention of juvenile delinquency.
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1. Help prevent delinquency in your child by keeping him or her in school. Minor offenses, such as truancy, can lead to more serious offenses. Meet with school officials, if necessary
Fatherless children account for over 80% of the cases, yet the government refuses to enforce father access rights. see link below.
Statistics show that a lot of juvenile crime ocurs after school hours. Communities that provide teen centers, boys and girls clubs, activity parks and safe venues for homework support
In the 1992 reauthorization of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (JJDP) Act of 1974 (the Act), Congress affirmed that it is more effective in human and fiscal terms
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Ways to Prevent Juvenile Delinquency
Juvenile delinquency is both an immediate and long-term problem. Even juvenile delinquents who start off with misdemeanors or petty offenses can perpetrate much more serious criminal acts. The best way to stop this process of escalation from producing... More »
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The two ways in which you can prevent Juvenile delinquency is by educating children on what is wrong and by limiting them on what they see online. Taking your ...
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