What are some ways to stop child labor?


The Child Labor Public Education Project recommends union and community organizing, free education, campaigns to alter public opinion and universal minimum standards on working conditions as the most effective strategies to end child labor. These strategies are largely geared toward the two-pronged approach of increasing awareness and changing legislation that many social causes have used.

The Child Labor Education Project explains that unionizing helps end child labor by enforcing universal work standards that employers around the globe must adhere to in order to maintain a workforce.

Other organizations, such as the International Labour Organization, take the approach of organizing community book drives. The books are given to non-governmental organizations, which then use the books to create small libraries within local communities. The goal is to allow children free access to books so they can become educated and increase their chances at living a better life and not falling into the cycle of child labor.

An article by the Stop Child Labor Coalition recommends a vastly different approach, suggesting that the primary issue behind child labor is the low wages farmers receive in developing countries. The article posits that paying farmers higher wages would allow them to educate their children rather than using them for labor.

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Look in the related link below for the reasons but also understand that the practice of child labour was universally outlawed by the united nations.
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