How do you wean off of Wellbutrin XL?


If one stops taking Wellbutrin XL 150mg too quickly, there may be many negative side effects. The proper way to wean off of this drug is to take half of the pill for two weeks prior to stopping. This gradual weaning will help one's system cope.
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Physical/chemical withdrawal symptoms from Wellbutrin are not as severe as other anti-depressants, but there are still potential symptoms of increased impatience, reduced motivation
I weaned myself off of Wellbutrin (was taking 300 mg XL daily) by taking my usual dose for a week, then taking my usual dose every other day for a week and then stopping altogether.
Kari, Sorry to hear the Wellbutrin isn't working for you. It didn't work for me either ... ... Well the Wellbutrin might be working for me. Being on the combo Wellbutrin ... good
I'm not a doctor and therefor cannot give you medical advice, I can only relate to you experiences of patients that I've heard, and do not want to contradict your physician. Since
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