Weapons of Ares?


Weapons of ares included a huge heavy hummer, axes and swords. These weapons were enveloped in fire to enhance their performances. Most of them were developed by blacksmiths in the olden ages.
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Ares is the God of warfare, war and bloodlust, when being God of war you have to have so many weapons like Ares. But yes Ares did prefer spear and shield as well. He prefer'd to use
Among the gods, Ares is recognized by his bronze armor; he brandishes a spear
As God of War, Ares wielded the Red Sword. The Bow was the weapon of Athena and the Triton the weapon of Poseidon. He may have also used a spear on occasion, but I don't recall off-hand
Blades of Chaos. The blades of Chaos were forged in the foulest depths of Hades. Ares gives Kratos these weapons to make him the greatest warrior ever.
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