Weather Affects People's Mood?


Jaap Denissen of the Humboldt University in Berlin conducted a research to determine if weather affects our moods. The researchers found out that people began bad moods as the days went short, which they referred to as seasonal affective disorder[SAD].
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The weather can cause depression, or happiness depending on if its sunny or rainy It being rainy and gloomy can cause people to think that nothings good in life and become depressed
In a German study, it was found that temperature, wind and sunlight affect negative
Everything from the color on a wall in a room we are in to the colors we choose to wear can effect our moods. Warm colors can bring a sense of warmth but can also spark anger. Cooling
I think it is natural to be elated by a sunny day when the temperature seems just right,dull weather makes you feel down,wind affects many folk making them feel frightened and unsettled
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Weather has been proven to affect yor mood. More people start to show signs of depression during the winter months due to the lack of sunshine, same as with rainy ...
Someone whose mood is easily affected by the weather, could be considered to have 'seasonal depression.' This is what they diagnose people with who get depressed ...
Many studies have shown that colors affect people. This includes affecting both mood and memory. Colors like pink are known to calm people and provide a sense ...
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