Weather in Freshwater Biomes?


Freshwater biomes are much smaller bodies of water. The weather in the freshwater biome is still and calm in lakes, but in rivers or streams. The temperature varies in ponds and lakes seasonally, ranging from 4° C to 22° C during the summer and be 4° C while the top is 0° C in the winter.
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the climate and weather can vary between if its in the desert or if its in the rain forest or woodlands. climates can be high and there could be rainfall or there could be no rainfall
1. Look for likely areas of freshwater using maps or aerial photographs. Some freshwater areas such as lakes and ponds have standing freshwater, while wetlands, streams and rivers
There two types of aquatic biome, the marine regions, and the freshwater regions.
Plants and algae are important to freshwater biomes because they provide oxygen through photosynthesis, and food for animals in this biome. Yum, delicious algae. In fact, that slimy
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