How Do I Weatherproof a Patio Sliding Door?


Now if you don't mind using plastic there are some great weather proofing kits out on the market. You can find a size that is big enough to cover your patio window. This is very simple to put up and requires very little time. Once you purchase your kit, you will find everything you need inside the box, you will probably need a pair of scissors and yes a blow dryer. You will first place the double back tape around your sliding door, make sure you are careful when you remove the paper on the tape, this will expose the sticky side which will be used when you put up the plastic. If you can have someone help you. If you are alone, then get a step ladder, and start at the top, and carefully position the plastic onto the tape, you will want to pull it tight, just tight enough that it will be against the glass. Slowly and carefully get your plastic secured on the sticky tape. If your glass doors leak a lot you may notice that it will bubble a bit, don't panic, the plastic will keep out a majority of the cold air. You will notice a difference right away. Now if you want the plastic to smooth out, use the blower dryer and some of the wrinkles will smooth out. I currently use plastic on my windows and they really do help keep out the cold. I hope this helps, good luck!
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