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WebAssign is a web site where teachers can assign homework online. Students log in to put in their answers to the assignments. North Carolina State University created WebAssign and other schools are using it. Some classes use this for submitting and grading homework. Assignments may only be available at certain times. Students have to register with WebAssign before they can log in to use the web site. WebAssign is used in courses including math, physics, statistics, chemistry, and biology.
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If you don't want to learn, there are much cheaper ways of doing so than paying for school and cheating on the homework.
0 pts ended This question is closed. No points were awarded. Anonymous A 32 turn circular coil of wire hasdiameter 0.93 m. It is placed with itsaxis along the direction of the Earth's
WebAssign is designed to accept any mathematically valid answer as correct -- in some ways, it's probably more forgiving than your instructor! It is not expecting your answer to be
You basically did the integration correctly, but I think you are expected to simplify tanh[sinh^1 (x/a) Also, you might need to include the + C term since the integral is indefinite
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Webassign is an assignment service which was initially launched at North Carolina State University. The examination includes subjects such as mathematics, chemistry ...
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