Webelos Take a Stand against Drugs?


You can get a webelos drug-free booklet from Get Bookee. The new version is Drugs: A Deadly Game. This replaces the Take a Stand Against Drugs booklet. The materials are available as a PDF Download.
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The original booklet. Take a Stand Against Drugs. can be found at the below referenced site: http://www.cubpacks.org/ca/cs/152/Drug18pager.pdf. However, it should be noted that the
Dare stands for:Drug Abuse Resistance
The War on drugs is a complete failure, drugs have actually increased in the United States exponentially. But it is all about fighting a war at home. Since the United States uses
The piece of advice I heard most often before entering, and during, high school came in two words: “get involved.” Extracurricular activities, I was told, give students
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