How to Check Symptoms on Webmd?


To check symptoms on WebMD you should log onto the website and go to the 'check symptoms' section. Once there you enter in your sex and age. It will then ask you to list the symptoms that you have.
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1. Head to the WebMD homepage at Once there, click on the "Symptom Checker" icon. 2. Start by providing basic information about yourself. This includes age and
WebMD says the symptoms of food poisoning are diarrhea, feeling
I wouldn't trust it completely . go to the doctor. and relax.anxiety is nvr evr good. And I hope all is well.
It does that to me to. I put in my symptoms for a small cut I had. It ended up just being a mild infection on my finger, but WebMD told me it was child abuse. I also had bronchitis
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