Wedding Anniversary Colors?


Wedding anniversary colors are the colors associated with each anniversary year. The most commonly known are gold and silver. The color silver is known for the 25th anniversary, and the color gold is known for the 50th anniversary. Silver is also associated with the 10th, 16th, and 23rd anniversaries. When planning anniversary parties or invitations you can use the colors associated with each anniversary. The one year anniversary colors are gold or yellow. Colors for anniversaries include white, blue, emerald green, red, and many others.
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Between the first and 25th years of marriage, every year is associated with a specific color by tradition. These include various shades of white: linen white for the second year,
Generally the only wedding anniversaries celebrated in color are: Silver Wedding Anniversary (25 years) and Golden Wedding Anninversary (50 years.)
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There is no traditional gift for the 65th anniversary.
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