What kind of text is on a wedding invitation?


The text on a wedding invitation, according to tradition, should include things like the name of the bride's parents, the name of the groom's parents and the full names of the bride and groom. Modern wedding invitation text has a more relaxed tone to reflect the couple's preferences.

Wedding invitation text can include a short Bible verse about love or an excerpt from a romantic poem. The wording should also state where the wedding will take place, the date of the nuptials, what time the wedding will be and whether or not a reception will follow. Overall wording for the invitation can be casual or formal, depending on the style of the wedding.

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Learning how to write a wedding invitation, and what to include, doesn't vary much, whether you are having a traditional or contemporary wedding. The purpose of the wedding invitation
1. Lay your large outer envelopes in a stack with the open, back side facing up. Lay your wedding invitations in another stack face up on a table or desk. Make a third stack to the
1. Decide upon the level of formality for the event. The invitations should suit the overall style of your wedding. Formal wedding invitations are usually written in the third person
1. Use a publishing program of your choice to design and print your invites. If you intend to have your invitations printed professionally, use the publisher's system when designing
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Wedding Invitation Text Ideas
Wedding invitations no longer have to be staid and formal to be wonderful. There are as many types of invitations as there are types of weddings. From destination weddings and eloping to Vegas to very traditional weddings in a glorious cathedral to... More »
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