Wedgie Movies?


A wedgie happens when a person's underwear gets wedged between the buttocks. It happens when other clothing becomes wedged in the same manner. A wedgie can be given by one person to another by pulling the back of the underwear up. It can also happen naturally if a person's underwear does not fit properly. Wedgies are often used in movies as a form of comedy. Wedgie movies are usually comedies with fun story lines or silly plots.
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The best wedgie was in the movie "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. This is the movie that
There has been no movie out so far that has had a girl been wedgied.
wedgies are my number 1 fantasy. Source(s)
Duck Heart Teslacoil For the Love of Family The Man with the Duck on His Head Team Coney Island
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one wedgie given in a famous, or popular, movie is that wedgie given to the character Gill in the movie The New Guy. This movie stars D.J. Qualls. ...
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