Wedgwood Collectors Plates?


Wedgwood collector plates are available in various patterns. Collector plates include the 1976 Boston Tea Party plate, Beatrix Potter Nursery Ware Peter Rabbit plate, and an Apollo Man on the Moon plate. There are Christmas collector plates by Wedgwood. A variety of Peter Rabbit Wedgwood collector plates are available. Some of the Peter Rabbit collector plates are Christmas plates, and birthday plates. Wedgwood collector plates include wall plates. Collector plates are from various years including 1995, 2000, and 1985.
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The related link below sells them for $65 when they have them in stock. This is pretty much the going retail rate. Not a flea market price like eBay or similar.
The BMV references the NADA & The Complete Book of Collectible Cars
( ′flat ¦plāt kə′lek·tər ) (engineering) A solar collector consisting of a shallow metal box covered by a transparent lid.
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