Why won't my weed eater start?


If your weed eater will not start, there could be several possible problems. You may be out of gas or do not have the trimmer string threaded properly. You could also have a problem with the starter.
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1. Place the trimmer on a flat, bare surface such as a sidewalk or driveway. 2. Press the ignition switch to the "On" position. The symbol for the "On" position
Gas model? fill gas tank with proper mix of gas, [usualy 50 to 1 ] prime, turn on switch, crank it, More complete answer: I have an old pre-Poulan Weedeater brand string trimmer that
The Poulan PRO Weed Eater is a very highly recommended weed eater.
1. Grasp the tap button firmly and pull to remove the spool. Wipe the surface of the hub and spool. 2. Cut the 25-foot length of .08 diameter line in half with the scissors. Insert
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If your weed eater will not start you should check the choke. If the choke is stuck or not working, the weed eater will not turn on. If it's a gas weed eater you should make sure you have enough primer and gas in it. If it's an electrical weed eater you should make sure that it is getting power. If you do these things and it still doesn't work, take it to a small engine repair shop. You should get a price to fix it first as sometimes you can buy them new, on sale, for the same price.
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