What is a weekly checklist for house cleaning?


Weekly house cleaning checklists provide an outline of the tasks that need to be completed on a weekly basis. A weekly house cleaning checklist can save time when used consistently.

Creating both daily and weekly house cleaning checklists is recommended by HGTV. For instance, washing laundry and loading the dishwasher are tasks that can be completed on a daily basis, while linens are changed weekly. Other weekly tasks include grocery shopping, dusting and vacuuming.

HGTV also recommends creating a weekly house cleaning list for times when household members may be sick or pressed for time. Lists that cover basic tasks ensure necessary chores are completed, even when more time-consuming tasks are saved for later. For example, meal and financial planning, washing dishes and washing clothing are basic tasks that must be completed each week.

Customized house cleaning checklists allow tasks to be delegated to family members at the beginning of the week and can include specific chores, such as watering plants, that may not be included on standard printable checklists. Along with a weekly cleaning schedule, monthly and seasonal house cleaning checklists can be created.

Monthly tasks may include bulk shopping, cleaning garbage bins and cleaning the refrigerator, according to Woman's Day. Seasonal activities include spring cleaning and setting up decorations for special holidays. Woman's Day also suggests setting aside 15 minutes per room to complete weekly tasks on schedule.

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