What are weeping cherry tree diseases?


There are a variety of fungi and fungal diseases that can affect a weeping cherry tree. Silver leaf fungus makes the leaves turn a silver color. Cherry leaf spot is another fungal disease that causes dark spots to develop on the leaves.
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1. Thin the crown of the tree by trimming away all branches that touch the ground or grow upward. It is ideal to keep branches at least 2 feet off the ground to avoid squirrels and
There are more than one weeping cherry variety but probably the best is Prunus Kiku shidare Sakura.
While not literally, the weeping cherry tree gives off the impression of
Check the fallen leaves and those that are yellow for small holes in the leaf surface that go all the way through. This would be a condition called shot-hole caused by a fungus. This
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Weeping Cherry Tree Disease
Weeping cherry trees are attractive trees that blossom in spring. They are susceptible to a number of diseases and pests that can ruin their appearances or even kill them, so they require some special knowledge and care. The most varied are types of... More »
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