What are some Funny names for weight loss team?


Weigh To Go.
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How to Set Up Team Weight Loss
If you're trying to lose weight, you've no doubt been told over and over again to find a weight loss partner to help you stick with it. But if you work great in bigger groups, or if you have a competitive bent, you may want to try forming your own weight... More »
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1. Find team members. There are two ways to go about finding weight loss team members: online and in person. Plenty of online forums, like PEERtrainer, exist and have teams already
Jumping Jalapeno Jackrabbits could be a great name for a weight loss team.
Badunkadunk Busters. Bootie Busters. Thin to Win. Extreme Makeover - Booty Edition. The Pound Droppers. Belly Dumpers. The Fit Four. Cruisin' for Losin' The Meltaways. Winning Losers
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A weight loss team is a group of persons who come together with a common goal; losing weight and getting healthy. Among the names you can choose from are; The ...
Some weight-loss team names include Mission Slimpossible, Tons of Fun, Thin to Win, Cupcakes Anonymous, Lollapaloser, The Meltaways, Muffin Abductors, Bye Bye ...
If you are working as a team at work, you may find your team is more successful if you come up with a team name. Examples of this can be seen in weight loss teams ...
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