How to Calculate a Steel I-Beam's Weight?


The weight of steel beams defines how much weight they can handle. That is why steel beam load charts allows you to know just how much they can handle, and you can load them accordingly. This is free information, but if you need to add any extra loads, you should always consult an expert.
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1. Measure the length of the steel I-beam in inches. For example, the length may be 130 inches. 2. Measure the thickness and width of the top and bottom portions of the I-beam in
The weight of steel depends on what kind of steel it is. Steel comes in many grades and alloys each with different weights and structural properties. To find more information click
A simple way is to use the specification of the beam, most beams will have a specification saying how much it ways per meter or per foot. Calculation. weight = Area*Length*density
If it is a structural steel beam, calculate the cross sectional area and multiply by the lenght and then by the density of steel. If it is a reinforced concrete beam, calculate the
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The weight of steel beams is reflected in the designation of the beam which specifies the depth and weight of the beam. For example, an I-beam with the designation W10x22 weighs 22 pounds per foot. The W10 designates the beam as being about 10 inches in depth. For S-shape beams the weight is also in the designation. A S3 x 5.7 beam weighs 5.7 pounds per foot. Other examples are a M4 x 13 beam weights 13 pounds per foot and a S20 x 75 beam weights 75 pounds per foot.
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It depends on a variety of different factors as to how much weight a steel beam can hold. Usually, an I-Beam will hold somewhere between 50 and 65 KSI. It also ...
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