Weight Watchers Food Points?


On the Weight Watchers plan, different foods are weighed differently with point value. No foods are off limits on the Weight Watchers Food plan. There are some foods such as water that are considered free points and can be consumed at any point. Other foods such as fruits and vegetables that are also considered to be free include broccoli and cucumbers. There are some foods that are considered to be low point foods when they are portioned appropriately such as the Weight Watcher pumpkin pie that is worth a point per serving.
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1. Read the nutrition chart on your food label to get the necessary information for points conversion. There are three numbers that you need to note: calories, fat and fiber. 2. Use
I think it might be French fries.
Some 0-Point vegetables are- asparagus, beets, broccoli,
1 Begin with a base. Your base is determined much like a height/weight chart - it begins with your gender. Give yourself 2 points if you are a female, 8 points if you are a male.
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Points Foods for Weight Watchers
Weight Watchers is a weight-loss program that operates on a points system, assigning point values to food based on certain nutritional data. While the specific formula for the calculation is a patented secret, there are a number of websites that use very... More »
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